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Becoming Unscared of Meditation —

In the West, meditation’s an awfully tough sell.

I used to substitute-teach meditation classes at my yoga studio, and I’d get at most five or six people. Not many were repeat customers.

People are intrigued by meditation. With life being so fast and crazy, there’s something intuitive about sitting in stillness being beneficial. They want to like it.

But then they don’t.

“Well, I’m terrible at that,” they say. Because even though they’re sitting still, their minds are scampering in a million directions.

“I’m too crazy to meditate,” people say, which is kind of like when people say their muscles are too stiff for yoga. But that’s the point, isn’t it? To address the craziness and stiffness?

Maybe part of the problem is that there’s a misconception of what meditation means.


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