This Is Where I Live:

Cleveland People and Their Neighborhoods

Project Year: 2017

Client: Cleveland Neighborhood Progress

This 127-page, full-color, illustrated, book looks at Cleveland neighborhoods through the eyes of people who live in them.

From the Introduction:

Talk to enough people about their neighborhoods, and one thing becomes perfectly unclear: What the word “neighborhood” means.

For some people, it’s the block they live on, or maybe the street. For others, it’s a wider area, a historic node such as Ohio City or Glenville. For still others, it’s the entire City of Cleveland, or even the region of Northeast Ohio.

Then there’s the question of ownership. When do we call a neighborhood “ours?”

The matter has only become more confusing as society has become more mobile. A couple generations ago, most people lived, worked and sent their kids to school in a single, walkable geography. Today, that is rarely the case.

Today, our lives today are a bit like a game of connect-the-dots. Perhaps we’ve lost some cohesion in the process. But these crossings of traditional neighborhood boundaries also give us a chance to become less divided.

What is your neighborhood? Or more accurately, who?

We hope this book will give you new ways to think about those questions. Or even answer them — for now. Until, in a day or so, you connect with someone or some place new.