Freelance Writing

I write for a variety of websites and magazines -- often about the ways people interact with and find meaning in the places where they live and work.

Here’s a selection of recent work!

A profile of Yeworkwha Belachew, who founded Oberlin College’s dialogue center. It was an honor to spend time with Yeworkwha and her family for this piece.

Ongoing stories about how principals and students are trying to turn around Cleveland’s troubled schools.

Various stories for Edible Cleveland, including the story of a vegan catering startup and a program that trains ex-offenders for restaurant careers. I love writing about people who love food. They’re almost invariably empathic and caring and complex.

Various stories for Freshwater Cleveland. A recent favorite focuses on the messy, ongoing revival of a once-forgotten street in Cleveland — the inverse of the more familiar Cleveland story of a once-vibrant street succumbing to abandonment.