Fiction Podcast Production & Marketing Tips from ‘Limetown’ and ‘The Bright Sessions’ / Dec 07

This year, for the first time, the Austin Film Festival had an awards category honoring writers of fiction podcasts, aka audio dramas. (In this post, I’ll be using “fiction podcast” and “audio drama” interchangeably, though I recognize there can be differences.) I was fortunate to be named a competition finalist, for the pilot episode of my second […]


The new Phoenix Coffee in Ohio City -- for now, great for taking refuge

Cleveland Coffee Shops: A Guide for Freelancers / Sep 03

At a certain point in one’s freelance career, somewhere between “sweet, I can work from home in my pajamas!” and renting, like, Real Office Space, there’s the coffee shop. Coffee shops provide many of the benefits of an office without the risks. You get to leave your house, drawing a distinct line between work and […]



Cities and Work and Interdependence / Jul 24

The greatest of human satisfactions lies in working and playing cooperatively with other people. – Charles Montgomery, Happy City I love when I read something and it resonates with something I’ve been thinking myself. Montgomery writes about the importance of collaboration and cooperation in the context of what makes cities valuable. People living together, in […]


Munchen, Minnesota gets a reading

Munchen, Minnesota gets a reading / Jul 06

Last week, Christine and I got word that the pilot episode of our podcast series Munchen, Minnesota will get a featured workshop reading at Cleveland Public Theatre in August. Hooray! We finished writing the 11-episode first season last month, and have sent the scripts (some 400 pages) to a few generous “beta readers” for feedback. […]


Show Your Work!

Show Your Work! / Jun 17

Website as Sandbox I started reading Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon this afternoon. I really liked his last book, Steal Like an Artist, and this one’s proving even more helpful to me. It’s why I’m back on my blog today after neglecting it for a couple of months! Here are the specific words that […]


Giveaway Time!

Giveaway Time! / Mar 31

Hey everyone! A chance to win a free copy of Writing Without Hiding over at Goodreads. Goodreads Book Giveaway Writing Without Hiding by Justin Glanville Giveaway ends April 30, 2014. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win



The wonder of Cleveland’s indie bookstores / Mar 26

Last night I went to Mac’s Backs Books on Coventry Road to drop off copies of Writing Without Hiding. The place was a hive of activity. Upstairs, a new writer’s group was meeting. Downstairs, people browsed for books — some undoubtedly on their way to or from a deliciously gloppy meal at Tommy’s. The checkout […]