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Audio, the most ’emotionally honest’ storytelling medium —

I’m starting to produce audio pieces about people and places!

Last month, I got to travel to St. John to participate in the week-long Transom Traveling Workshop. Transom is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people tell stories in the medium of audio, which Alex Blumberg calls the most emotionally honest storytelling format — because you’re actually hearing what people say in their own voices.

The workshop was an awesome crash course in interviewing, storytelling and audio editing. The  great teachers were Rob Rosenthal and David Weinberg. David’s currently producing an informative, poetic and crazy-inspiring project called Below the 10, featuring stories from South L.A.

I’ve been trying my hand at some pieces of my own, getting all geeky about things like “levels” and “ambi” and the like. Check them out here!

Looking forward to using some of these new skills on projects this year, including a youth podcasting project I’m doing with the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative.

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